About Us


Real Broadcasting Company, INC., RealBC.TV, is the first online resource to provide 24 hour content that is easily searchable by keyword, category, and location. We pride ourselves on presenting the best easily find-able live content on the web. Want to find live events in a particular area? Just search our site from the front page. This exciting new technology is provided by state of the art back end technology leading the world in the area of live streaming.

RealBC.TV was built out of frustration turned opportunity. On one hand, TV hasn’t changed in many decades. In order to even watch television one must subscribe to a service, install and setup at least one proprietary device, and rearrange their schedule in order to watch programming. Yes, time shifting (DVR) does exist but if you don’t know you want to record a show until after the show start, then the beginning is still missed. Should I mention being force fed at least 15 minutes of up to 30 TV commercial ads per hour even though paying hundreds of dollars for the service?

On the other hand, there are many video on demand services with the major players being Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, and others. The issue with them is that one must chose their programming individually. To watch a show on Netflix one must either know what they want to watch or search Netflix’s inventory in hopes they have what is being looked for. To watch a clip on Youtube, you have to be a search expert in order to wade through the billions of of video clips. Once a show is chosen to be watched it plays till then end which prompts the watcher to start the process all over in search. Why can’t I just turn on a channel category and it automatically play without me having to be a search expert in every category?

The biggest issue with both of these mediums is that of Live Streaming in which 52% of video watchers on the internet today are clamouring for and agree is the future. Television barely addresses live streaming as it requires big budget studios costing millions for just one channel much less an entire network. Internet video on demand live streaming has tried to address this by allowing normal users to use anything to live stream including a cell phone. The main issue is low quality as well as a watcher either has to know where to find the live stream or, here we go again, be a search master.

RealBC.TV was created to show the future, today. We have created a network that consists of channels broadcasting 24/7. That broadcast contains not only prerecorded videos but also automatically switches to live broadcasts. When the live broadcast is finished, the channel automatically begins broadcasting the scheduled content. Every channel contains at least the prior 30 minutes of broadcast so that if a watcher was late to a live broadcast, that watcher can always rewind up to 30 minutes to not miss a thing.

RealBC.TV eliminates the need for big budget studios. We have moved the million dollar studios into sanctuaries, out on an ultralight flight line, into a video pod-caster studio, and other areas very successfully. In today’s world, the only equipment needed is a camera capable of high definition combined with an encoder connected to the internet through a connection including anything from a high speed business line all the way down to a cellular hotspot connected to the internet via 4G LTE.


Choose a Category

Choose entertainment, sports, religious services, or other category to display broadcast channels in that category.

Find Location

Easily search channels by broadcast location.


Find interesting channels by searching on keywords allowing our intelligent search engine to find awesome broadcast channels.


Viewable on desktops, ipads, smartphones, laptops including Google ChromeBooks and more! This includes Apple devices as well as Android devices.

RealBC.TV broadcasts using the latest internet video standard, Apple’s HLS and HTML5 broadcasting. No antiquated Adobe Flash player is ever needed to view our broadcast. Everyone has a player already installed on their devices by default.

Nothing is needed to be downloaded to watch RealBC.TV broadcasts. Just point your Internet browser at the secure website, RealBC.TV, and start watching. No muss, no fuss.



Wanting to attend a religious service just to see what it’s like before going so that you can be prepared? Search by location. You can set the area searched by choosing how many miles from the location you want to search. Also good for seeking out best practices of other establishments.

    Every broadcast channel has ratings and reviews from real people. Be able to see the reviews of a channel before taking the time to watch it.


    Automatically find live broadcasts around you. Search and sample all live broadcasts in a particular location.


    Late to a live broadcast? No problem. Every channel can be rewound up to 30 minutes. Each channel can also be slowed down for more understanding or sped up if you are in a hurry.


    Advertise your business with commercials placed before or after a broadcast.