The Company.

Real Broadcasting Company created as a hybrid disruptive broadcasting platform. It revolutionizes the way linear tv can be broadcast over internet and social media channels. Our hybrid platform serves the video strategy needs of a live 24/7 news, events + scheduled broadcasting channel. Utilize prerecorded video combined with automatic switching to/from a live stream feed revolutionizes content broadcast. Viewers are no longer are lost trying to find content specifically catered to a subject.

Real Broadcasting Company works with organizations around the world to re-imagine broadcasting and transform the viewer’s experience. RBC provides white-labeled, customized solutions designed to optimize business impact by putting the brand first and empowering businesses via flexible and customizable revenue streams.

Live stream is the new mainstream.

Live Stream Conference
Real Broadcasting Company

Our Culture.

We’ve built a company that accurately reflects our founder’s roots. As former corporate executives, military veterans, top female executives, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, and a litany of other classifications, we created a company based on respect, diversity, hard work, humility, and a unified drive for our mission. We’re a team in battle to be the best we can be at delivering the next version of content distribution. We make no bones about being driven and focused toward the goal.

That being said, we are entrenched in the teamwork philosophy with guidance from a strong leadership team. We push each other to be constantly communicative and transparent. No ideas are bad ideas. We are all in this together, to make a disruptive video content distribution network using leading edge technology.