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College Intern – IT Sys Admin Linux

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RBC – College Internship Application development Program Opportunity with Pandemic 2020.

Profession-based Learning
Interns develop real-world, project-based learning strategies through collaborations with business and community partners. These interactions enhance the learning experience, preparing students for college and career.
RBC supports high-skill, high-demand careers through ongoing innovation in curriculum development, programs and services based on local business and community needs.
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Professional Skills Development
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Entrepreneurial Mindset
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1. Build A Real-Time Commenting Systems for integration with our core platform.

The Web has become increasingly interactive over the years. This trend is set to continue with the next generation of applications driven by the real-time Web.

Adding real-time functionality to an application can result in a more interactive and engaging user experience. However, setting up and maintaining the server-side real-time components can be an unwanted distraction. But don’t worry, there is a solution. Cloud hosted Web services and APIs have come to the rescue of many a developer over the past few years, and real-time functionality is no different. Concentrate on building your real-time Web applications by offering a hosted API which makes it quick and easy to add scalable real-time functionality to Web and mobile apps.

2. Support and development for RBC Core Systems with Linux expertise

The System Administrator is part of the Technology team, and reports to the CEO. The Technology team is located in New York, NY. This person is responsible for the maintenance, configuration, and reliable operation of servers and infrastructure. The System Administrator is a team player with a positive attitude who can provide technical leadership, expertise and guidance in an effort to support the team’s goal of excellence.

The System Administrator must be comfortable proactively Communicating, Collaborating and Coordinating with both internal and external stakeholders.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities

• Plan, coordinate and perform system maintenance, software installations and upgrades, patch management and documentation.
• Implement and maintain server, network, and database monitoring.
• Work with systems team to regularly update and adjust our technology strategic plan to assure we meet and are aligned with our business objectives.
• Perform internal penetration and vulnerability testing on a regular interval and coordinate with third parties for external penetration testing and certification
• Work with systems team to automate regular management tasks and streamline processes.
• Necessary Skills & Experience

Proficiency with:
• Linux command line
• AWS offerings
• Linux scripting (Bash, Python, Perl)
• Cron jobs, daemons, and process monitoring
• DNS management
• Server, network, and database monitoring
• Systems and networking software, hardware, and networking protocols
• Apache and nginx
• Centos
• Wowza
• Java

Experience with:
• Scripting and automation tools
• Cloud infrastructure provisioning
• Database maintenance (MySQL)
• Relationship builder with strong communication skills
• Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
• Critical analytical thinker with demonstrated success in problem-solving and execution
• Ability to work collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders
• Exceptional analytical and debugging skills
• Excellent communication and documentation skills
• Ability to help create and map business needs/application requirements to technical solutions

The Team
Play a central role at Real Broadcasting Company as you keep our everyday operations running like clockwork. You’ll get the chance to make things happen and work closely with inspiring leaders across different parts of a bleeding edge tech startup as well as a leader in live content distribution. Whether your role is supportive, administrative, financial or something else, you’ll be part of a dynamic team that not only provides its employees with cutting-edge tools, it also takes care of its people.

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