Data + Analytics: Drive Brand, Advertising and Sponsor Engagement = Revenue

We give you a 360 degree view on one platform. A real-time feed of who and where your viewers are, location, demographics, and sentiment.

Advertisers know that 50% of their typical marketing budget is wasted. And they don’t know which half.


Real Broadcasting Company analyzes and saves many data points. This overview screen is a representation of channel engagement. This screen shows the number of unique connections, peak (simultaneous) connections, average connections, and total hours/minutes viewed.

Real-time connections as well as viewer hours are also depicted in a graphical format.


We collect and present an abundance of information for each channel. Want to know how many unique connections are on your channel? How long each watched? What country they are in?

This dashboard view shows the number of unique connections, unique countries, amount of hours watched, and many other statistics.

VOD Statistics

The Real Broadcasting Company platform analyzes every time a video is viewed as a video on demand file and aggregates the data to display all recorded video on demand files over a time period.

Analytics data include how many times a video was played by a unique IP address, how long it was played, what country the viewer is in, and many other analytics.

The VOD analytics are a great source of information that can be used to make actionable decisions on the curation of future content and the promotion and repurposing of existing video content.

24/7 Channel Streaming Statistics

Our analytics dashboard differentiates between live streaming and prerecorded and scheduled video on each channel.What sets us apart is our ability to aggregate all data and analytics on viewer and audience sentiment, interaction and engagement from the simulcasted feed to all social media channels.

This allows you to make decisions based on data from all viewers who are watching your video content wherever they choose.

Bandwidth Usage

Real Broadcasting Company captures how much bandwidth was consumed per day per channel. Easily see how much streaming and library content by day is being consumed.