Live Stream is the New Mainstream

Everyone Needs a Video Strategy

Until recently, brand recognition and engagement were the main goals in most corporation’s social media and branding outreach. Today, those goals are more in line with consumer companies in their utilization of video as a strategy.

Corporation and Global Events Organizations are creating thought leaders, gaining followers and using celebrities in their video strategies. It is critical for a year round engagement strategy.

Strong brands are now able to create revenue from sponsors, advertising, partner events and product placements. Content is more valuable than ever and can be repurposed. While the goals have mostly not changed, the platform certainly has.

  • Audiences want to see something new and exciting—like live streaming and broadcasting, paid programing and prerecorded sponsored content.

This new audience driven marketing tactic adds personality and diversity to your corporate video strategy. Creating your own hybrid internal and/or external live and dedicated prepaid programming and content channel.

Monetize and create better ROI for your relationships, thought leadership and engagement with all your regional, national, global communities, partners, customers and prospects.

Create a more inclusive and interactive branding strategy that incorporates live streaming for remote and decentralized audience interaction and on-going 24/7 content for reuse and scheduled events and programming.

B2B Live Streaming

Are you going to be Blockbuster Video or Netflix as a Result of What's Happening Now?

  • How it works:

    1. Embed your 24/7 broadcast channel on your website
    2. Drive your viewers and followers to your website
    3. Own your video audience traffic + tag for SEO
    4. Control your brand and engagement all year long
    5. Remarket to your audience and followers
    6. Cut social media ad spends
    7. Ad revenue paid directly to you

Apple TV, Fire TV, Hulu, Roku

Many to Many Broadcasting.

Like the Big Guys.

One Platform for Video Creation, Collaboration + Distribution.

Real Broadcasting Company OTT
Social engagement is better with videos.

The Power of Adding Programmed Content to Your Live Stream

RealBC.TV was created to allow everyone to broadcast the future, today. Our platform allows you to switch between live streaming and pre-recorded broadcasting 24/7. For instance, when the live streaming is finished, the channel automatically begins broadcasting the scheduled content. Every channel contains a  30-minute DVR, so if a viewer is late to a live broadcast, that viewer can always rewind up to 30 minutes and not miss anything.

RealBC.TV eliminates the need for big budget studios. We can put the power of a million-dollar studios into your hands. In today’s world, the only equipment needed is a smartphone or camera capable of high definition, an app and an internet connection. This connection ranges from a high speed business line all the way down to a cellular hotspot connected to the internet via 4G LTE, so the possibilities are endless.

Hybrid Platform

The silos of corporate communications are breaking down.
Video is a critical medium for communication. It crosses over between all communication departments.
We are the only hybrid platform that puts a dedicated, broadcast and live stream channel on your website or intranet.

Real Broadcast Company Hybrid Platform

Platform Key Differentiators

  • An integrated video conferencing tool that allows for scheduled broadcast + live streaming.
  • We simulcast to all social media platforms, allowing you to reach all viewers where they are today.
  • 4K+ streaming resolution.
  • Ability to have multiple camera feeds in one broadcast.
  • Many to many broadcasting.
  • Safe, secure + powered by AWS and Cloudfront.
  • Simulcast, Broadcast and Live video includes Data aggregation and deep viewer analytics.

  • Hybrid platform that can ingest and broadcast 360 degree live camera streams.
  • Schedule programming, both live and broadcast with drag and drop scheduling.
  • Insert video advertisements in between pre-recorded videos and live streams.
  • Advertisements must be watched. No skipping option.
  • Channels can be searched by category, keyword and location.
  • Dynamically index-able video content, both live and broadcast.

Live Stream Conference

Watch from Anywhere.

No download needed to watch your live stream or broadcasts.
Just open your internet browser and start watching.

Don't have a Broadcast Video + Live Streaming Strategy?

Then we need to talk!
of Marketers say live video facilitates a more authentic interaction with an audience.
Live streaming industry value by 2021
time people spend watching video daily

Too Cool: Find Content by Location

Want to find a live stream going on near you?
Search your location by choosing  the amount of miles from your location.

    Allow viewers to rate and review your channel.


    Automatically find live broadcasts around you. Search and sample all live broadcasts in a particular location.


    Late to a live broadcast? No problem. Every channel can be rewound up to 30 minutes. Each channel can also be slowed down for more understanding or sped up if you are in a hurry.


    Advertise your business with commercials placed before or after a broadcast.