2020: Live Stream Becomes Main Stream

The Team

Military Veteran and Woman owned, The Real Broadcasting Company was born by Michael Holt’s vision of combining live streaming with pre-recorded broadcasting and bringing this hybrid platform to the public.

In the light of the Coronavirus Pandemic, it is more important than ever to be able to allow a large audience to have access to your content from the safety of their homes. Real Broadcasting Company allows you to do this and goes a step further than other platforms by allowing scheduled programming where you can get ad dollars from sponsors, charge for infomercials, get product placements, charge for speaking engagements, the possibilities are endless.

Live streaming for B2B companies is imperative in today’s climate. With our platform, you can simulcast to all of your social channels at once. It is the most effective way to provide outreach and must be part of your video strategy.

Michael Holt
Founder & CEO

Since leaving the US Navy as a Submarine Nuclear Engineer, I gained more than 10 years of experience progressively starting from a Shipping Manager with 200+ direct reports up to the executive levels of Production and Inventory Control eventually crossing over to the world of IT as a Supply Chain Systems manager in order to facilitate the removal of the home grown Enterprise Resource Planning system including Warehouse Management over to a full version of SAP using Manhattan as the WMS for a 300 million dollar company, Rubbermaid Commercial Products. I was then left recruited to Sprint eventually becoming Senior Technical Project Manager in networking with over 20 direct reports controlling up to $10m in projects. While there I innovated a full SharePoint Ticket System used by more than 1000 employees on a daily basis. The key here is that my entire work history has instances of innovation filling in process holes for more efficiency. Also at Sprint, I created and managed offshore IT team of 30 people & resources in India and Argentina. I have always been known for being a great listener and motivator.

I LOVE building things and having ownership. Helping others be successful and proud of their work is my forte. As Washington said, “Listen, Learn, Help, then Lead.” I truly believe that. Everyone has the need to succeed. No one wants to do a bad job, especially in the startup world. Just need to align priorities.

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Jerremy Newsome

Hi! I hope your day is just marvelous! My name is Jerremy Alexander Newsome. I am the CEO and co-founder of a company called Real Life Trading. The Mission of Real Life Trading  is To Enrich Lives and we do that by teaching people how to safely and properly invest in the stock market. 

As our society becomes more technologically equipped, day trading and actively trading the markets will become a more viable career choice than ever thought possible. My goal is to teach, guide, coach and mentor traders from around the world and help each individual understand how to extract profits from the market. 

I LOVE trading and I love teaching. As I combine both of these passions, I can assure you, the information, impact and takeaway will be life changing for those who take this course. I bring high energy, humor, relevance and a colorful approach to education. I am 100% confident the students in this course will feel properly educated in the wild west of day trading. 🙂