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Grace Baptist Church

Grace Baptist Church is a group of believers endeavoring to be Bible driven by:  glorifying God, proclaiming Christ, following Scripture, maturing members, loving others, maintaining unity, praying always, and shepherding leadership.

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You may be thinking to yourself.  What is Grace Baptist Church all about?  And what does Endeavoring to be Bible Driven mean?  Those are great questions to ask.

Today many churches are focused merely on what will make people attend and so they often turn into a business that is trying the next biggest thing to bring the most people possible.  That is not what is true of Biblical church.  We are convinced that God gave us His Word to reveal what He wants in every area of life.  This is definitely true of how a church should run.  And so the leadership team of Grace Baptist Church took hundreds of hours searching Scripture to find out the things that God wanted of local churches.  We came up with hundreds and hundreds of principles but tried to categorize them into just a handful of biblical directives for the local church.  And that is what we are all about.  We are endeavoring by God’s grace to accomplish what He directs in Scripture.

Past Sermons

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Years of Silence

2 weeks ago

Prophecy and Revelation Lesson 5 - The messages to the churches are messages to us today as well. They are the things that are. And we...

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A Quiet Time

2 years ago

How often do you take quiet time away from the noise of this life to listen to the most important voice that you can listen to?...


Life-Giving Power

2 years ago

The power of the Bible to make us new is more staggering than physical birth. Consider carefully this beginning reason to be in God’s...


Finding Your Fortune

2 years ago

Do you have much of value in this life? Perhaps you have more than you think. Over half of the world lives on about $2 a day. Perhaps...


Good Friday - Pierced for you!

2 years ago

When we consider the sacrifice of our Lord, there are many components of His suffering. Of course we identify with His physical...

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