Advertisements of your choosing can be added to the channel. We are not “stuck” with ads as provided by the behemoth companies such as Facebook and YouTube. Also advertisements can be streamed such that they are not blockable ensuring viewership participation.

Never will your channel be “dark.” This comes in very handy during times of technical difficulties and the live stream is lost then your TV Channel will automatically switch to pre-scheduled content. Also, can stop the live stream. All of these capabilities are like having a staffed production company on the backend when, in reality, a […]

Now you can schedule videos individually to play at certain times. Also a repeat default playlist can be made. Very handy for classroom instruction so that previous live lessons can be scheduled to auto repeat at a specific time allowing students to watch the content prior to the next class. Also can pre record a […]

No longer do you have to worry about a moving URL for customers to watch your live stream. Be able to permanently distribute your TV Channel URL that never changes. No more will your valuable content be obfuscated (lost) amidst the 300 hours of content uploaded to YouTube every minute.